Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Vote is Your MIGHT!

It's interesting that some of us see absolutely nothing WRONG with PDP.
From the very onset, when they emerged we thought that they were here for good, but they kept letting us down from one level to the other.

What's d essence of having more than one political party if we don't try out other ideologies?

I am of the opinion that Nigeria should allow PDP "rest" for at least 4 years; by allowing another "party" in there; then compare and contrast. Just 4 years!

It is not an issue of trial and error. Other developed countries didnt manufacture steady, progressive governance out of the blues; they went through trials, challenges, changes, modifications before getting to where they are today.

My People, PDP needs to go on Compulsory leave. Nothing good, I must say, can come out of PDP at this point in time, bcx the people in the party will always remain corrupt, and will continue influencing whoever is "selected".
Didnt PDP party stalwarts confess to rigging in Anambra? What was done to them?
Didnt another PDP top-shot "steal" INEC voter's registration computers at his house?
The Impeached Guvnors, which party "own" them?
Controversial guvnors; what's their party?

Man, we really gotta SHINE our eyes oh!

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