Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Vote is Your MIGHT!

Exactly another quality those that claim to be Leaders ought to have.
Being able to accept defeat in good faith for the good of the country.

Because they'll grossly be overwhelmed when after their NOISE, Power-of-Incumbency, Riggings, etc, they still come out defeated.

Nigerians, I believe, have learnt that the time has come for a CHANGE.

Gone was the time we used to:
VOTE for political parties; since they'll only continue from where their predecessors stopped.
VOTE for people who share money; bcx they'll only loot-to-replace when elected.
VOTE for persons who pays for votes; bcx they'll impoverish you & I tomorrow.
VOTE for known looters; bcx they'll still loot more.
VOTE for persons that have jumped bail; bcx theyll so much rely on the immunity clause to commit more crimes.
VOTE for persons that use presidential-jets to launder money; bcx they'll have regular access to such jets to launder more!
VOTE for a person who was RELUCTANTLY "convinced" to aspire for the Presidency; bcx since he didnt have a deeply-felt motivation, he'll likely do a shoddy job; worse still, since it was imposed on him, he has nothing to lose.

You should VOTE for that person that your conscience tells YOU that "YES, this man will be HONEST to Nigeria & Nigerians."

VOTE Wisely!
NAIJA, Shine Your Eyes Oh!

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