Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Vote is Your MIGHT!

May GOD SELECT the RIGHT person,
who's PURPOSE-driven

Count-down to Polls has began . . .
Cast your Votes RIGHTLY.
Cast your Votes WISELY.

Election is not a PARTY affair, Lets not VOTE based on parties.

Let us VOTE individuals based on each person qualities; attributes; what he has got to offer; track record; precedence;
"Corruption Quotient/index", "PDTF-relevance". . .

The Party that usually makes the LARGEST noise most times have FAILED the people with in a LARGE way.
Empty vessels, they say, MAKES the LOUDEST noise!

Vote with your conscience
Vote with a foresight
Vote, such that in 4-year's time, we'll look back and be PROUD of who we voted in as President/Guvnor/Senator.
Vote, such that our children of tomorrow will benefit from OUR wisdom of today.
Vote, such that Constitution will not be amended for 3rd & 4th term.
Vote for that individual that will SERVE you, not the one that'll turn you to begging servants!
Vote for an individual that has intellect; because YOU can not be lead by someone who you are more intelligent than, no matter what!
Vote for an individual that will give OUR country the long-deserved image.
Vote for persons who will not take elections as a Do or Die affair (and remained arrogantly unrepentant about it)
Vote for an individual that has the interest of Nigerians at heart.
Vote for the individual that will not Promise heaven on earth, only to leave you worse than when he came in.
Vote for the individual that will prefer to get the health facilities FULLY functional to international standard; employing the best hands; training Nigerians to run the facilities; and making our health sector an international source of revenue.
Vote for the individual that will not travel out to treat headaches; "CATARRH"; "sudden-I-did-not-collapse" medical checks or kung-fu tendon repair.
Vote for the individual that will declare his assets before and after.
Vote for the individual that will not see anti-corruption as a political tool; rather a necessity to clear up the moral decadence in our country.
Vote for the individual that has value for education, who will ensure that EDUCATION gets PROMINENT attention.
Vote for the individual that will ensure that the Police Force is taught self-respect, and equipping and remunerating them adequately.
Vote for an individual that will ensure all the refuse-bins in the country are cleared.
Vote for the individual that will ensure that drive our economy visibly.

Above all, VOTE a genuinely GOD fearing person.

Vote for one who understands that LEADERSHIP is SERVICE; Leadership is STEWARDSHIP; Leadership is LOVE; Leadership is SACRIFICE; Leadership is UNITY; Leadership is TRANSPARENT; Leadership is EXEMPLARY; Leadership is MORALLY SOUND; Leadership is PEOPLE; Leadership is being appreciated by the next man on the street.

And Leadership without followership is DEAD; Leadership is not AT-ALL-COST; Leadership is not a THIEF; Leadership does not bend, twist or mangle the Constitution; Leadership doesnt need Constitutional Immunity; Leadership does not LOOT the treasury.

And RESIGNATION is a welcome outlet for Corrupt, non-performing, deceitful, Leadership.

Long live Nigeria.

Forget the Noise.
Forget the PAID crowd.
Forget the Party business.
Let YOUR conscience rule YOUR VOTE

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