Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rumour or No Rumour!

Rumour or No Rumour!
The guy had a close shave, whether we like it or not.

If I may recall, when dark-goggled-general-Abacha passed on a few years back, didnt it start as rumours?
Were we not fed with propaganda till it couldn't be hidden any more?

Good thing now is that he's ok. I am glad he's ok, but is he in the right frame of Health to manage this country?
Reasons could be the rigours of the campaign; if so why wasnt he advised to go for his check-ups more frequently and earlier; why did they wait for such a close shave?

This, my dear NIGERIANS, is the kind of planning, execution and package the PDP has in stock for Nigerians.

I also feel that the strength of the negativity of the Rumour was mainly because of the platform he's running on: PDP and the "UNLIKENESS" Naija-rians have for PDP.

VOTE PDP for another 4+x years of Democratic MISRULE.

On Sunday, we'll say: "Yar'Adua, Welcome back jare, but please don't faint again Oh!"
I DARE NOT imagine what will happen when he's replaced (on account of ill-health by d power-mighty Fhee Dee Fhee) or worst still, when he loses out.

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