Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PTDF; the remix!

I'm totally against the Senate for playing cold feet at this crucial point in time.
The Committee Members, through their attempted resignation showed that CHANGE is indeed coming to PLAY!
OBJ and his cohorts know that his game is UP, so they want to drag-foot this new development until after RIGGING PDP into d Presidency in April, so as to HELP cover their track; unfortunately, the Senate seems to be playing to the gallery.

Any PDP apologist, member or ex-member MUST NOT get to Aso ROCK!
PDP has to GO! PDP have shown times-without-number that their own CORRUPTION style in on ANOTHER LEVEL, "Mammothic?"!

PDP is Desperate, very very DESPERATE. So desperate that he has to get his boy UMARU into power at ALL COST (do-or-I-die), possibly for more cover-up acts.

With all these FORWARD, BACKWARD Indictment and Counter-Indictments; will any sensible, honourable, respectable person want to cast his VOTE for PDP presidency again?

It is no more Corruption-As-Usual.

We want a Different type of person in there!
CHANGE, indeed, is on the way!

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