Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PTDF; the remix!

We shld not have one set of rules for some individuals and have another set of rules for others.

That the Senate embarked on a recess at this crucial time makes me wonder if this case wont be flushed down d sewer.

Adedibu vs INEC issue was treated by levity by this same administration.

Let Election shld still HOLD but let OBJ and Atiku both resign if they have any GRAIN of HONOUR and INTEGRITY left in them; and be LEADERS by EXAMPLE!
Since there's no provision for an Interim Govt in The Constitution; the same Constitution, I believe, must have SPELT out the next step to be taken in such a scenario (resigned/impeached President & Vice president)

Agreed, there may be UPROAR of some sorts; but if we let this DIE OFF now, THEN the Anti-Corruption crusade would have bcm an abysmal failure.

Above all, Nigerians should be duly INFORMED & CARRIED in this pursuit.

We must avoid and REJECT Executive Cover-UP.

This might be the CHANGE we've been waiting for. . .

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