Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Presidency 2007: Let The Younger Ones Have A Go.

Let the Younger ones have a go at the helm of Leadership in Nigerian Presidency.

With the on-going in this current Administration, I have noticed that most of the appreciated, laudable achievements were by the younger individuals.

Soludo (CBN), Akinyuli (NAFDAC), Ezekwesili (Education), just to mention a few of these dynamic achievers.

As we are being Cajoled into the 2007 polls, we should among other criteria, select individuals who are YOUNG, credible and who have proven leadership abilities.

Not meaning to campaign for any one here, but I strongly think the persons of Utomi, Okotie and many more WHO HAVEN'T BEEN "corrupted" at any point by the Nigerian political methods should be given a chance.

For once, let those who have been in the political corridors in one-way or another; let all those fake, "promiscuous" persons give Nigerians a break, let them take a back-bench and for once be observers such that we can try other honest methods of getting things done.

I believe that with the outcome of the 2007 polls, Nigerians are going to start seeing that things can still be done the right way.

There will be a turn around!

Compliments of the Season.

Tony James.

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