Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Police College Dec 2006 Graduates.

For 6 months, they had been in training!

And on graduation on Friday 15th Dec, 2006, they passed out of the Police college.

Allowances and other accessories were not given to them, infact they had to buy a lot of things out of their pockets, such as the metallic NPF tags, booths and other accessories, which were supposed to be given to them FREE!

And they have been TRAINED. . .!

Trained for WHAT. . .?

You definitely guessed right. . . . . . . . . . , Twenty-NAIRA!

These are young persons, who joined the Police freely and ready to risk their lives for the country, yet the Police Administrators did not deem it fit to at least, while at the college, make things as comfortable for them as the training could allow before throwing them to the "wolves".

With this type of treatment at the TRAINING level, already the self-image and personal ego factor had already been tampered with. Your guess is as good as mine who now stands at the receiving end of the policeman's "transfered aggression" - THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

This goes to further highlight the URGENT need for an improvement of the welfare package of the policemen at all levels, and create avenue to give them a level of self-confidence, build-up their morale. Give them a sizeable take-home pay-package; let them feel their welfare is being taken care of, so that they wont have any excuse to be corrupt.

We all recall the Tafa Balogun loot story.

Time for that change is now! We cannot continue to have the police treated this way.

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