Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi's Visibilty: My Concern

But my main concern remains that PAT is not VISIBLE enough "on ground".

Sadly, the parties that have made d most noise are those who have been in power and have "saved" enough money to throw around (and INEC is dumbly watching).

Believe me, the next man on the street does not know who Pat is because he has not encountered Pat, either on the TV with a catchy, spontaneous TV advert/campaign; in a sweetly-sounding/appealing radio jingles; on posters and bill-boards; on-site campaigns, etc.

In as much as we are wont to discourage brazen money politics, it happens to be the order of the day.

Atimes, we may have to play by the rules of the opponents if we really want PAT to get into power, then and only then can the changes be made FROM THE INSIDE!
To a great extent, the changes that this Nation needs has to come from the INSIDE; from within the government structure. Hence, UTOMI has to get in there!

Someone once noted in this forum that Pat isnt getting enough media coverage, that could be true.
Another person noted that Pat's campaign methods are Elitist (for the elites).
These, to me, are CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS, and can be a form of public feelers; hence providing the need to adapt, modify and re-strategize campaign methods, modalities and approach.

Most Nigerians, unfortunately, have taken to the path of mediocrity, believing that nothing good can come out of Nigeria, but I strongly disagree with that; that is why we need a focused person there.

Left to me, I'll say we DO NOT need a political-POLITICIAN at the helm of affairs.

Good news is that there is still enough time to modify this impression.
The TRADER needs to know one-on-one why Pat (and not a money-thrower) should be the person he should vote for.
The BIKE man, the BUS driver, the school teacher, the University under-graduate, even the school pupil ought the recognize & discuss Pat Utomi (believe me, kids can influence even adults & parents).

We all really want Pat to win, because we believe he has a lot to offer, but from the way I see things, our campaign is more on the Internet. I stand to be corrected, but that is all I have seen so far.

We need to get UTOMI as a "brand" into people's minds.
"UTOMI" as a name should be fashioned to represent the change for TODAY and the HOPE for TOMORROW!

ENOUGH of this seemingly lack-lustre UTOMI campaign.

I see the adverts done by Bank PHP (former Platinum Bank) and I used to wonder, "Can't we get UTOMI campaign adverts with these type of concepts, ?"

Can UTOMI's campaign be given more bite?
There is still time Oh!
UTOMI campaign team, WHAT is WRONG?Huh

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