Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi's Visibilty: My Concern

For one, the issue of Pat UTOMI's VISIBILTY has been one of great concern to me. I havent been seeing the kind of 'effizy' (effects) I see from other aspirants.

Though we all know that oftentimes money gets thrown around to rent the crowd/people that have been used so far, but they are making the NOISE; and the effects they draw usually transcends to other people, passers-by, on-lookers, and of course the media footage!

Now, many Nairalanders (and Guests) positively feel that Pat Utomi is the guy for Naija Presidency, but that is not enough to get him there.


From what I have seen, the UTOMI's methods so far hasnt created the "effizy" I'd expected. In as much as I feel that an aspirant shld do all the noise making, but there are many of us here who have the means to influence other people in a bid to solicit support for Utomi.
Infact, I have a few pals and we JUST carry out DIRECT & INDIRECT campaign in our offices, computer school (where I take lessons), church, fellowship, on a bike ride, and every opportunity that presents itself.

I am convinced that as an Individual, if I want something that much I shld be able to make sacrifices to achieve it.

Many of us can do this on-our-own.

If you are a registered VOTER and u feel UTOMI deserves a chance, GOOD, go out there and "talk the UTOMI talk".

Even if you were not able to register as a voter, or do not currently reside in Nigeria, you may be able to talk to people to cast their votes wisely.

Your suggestions here could also be useful in this regards.

I strongly believe that U & I can make this change!

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