Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

So much talk out there about Human Capital Development (HCD); but how can we put d Cart in-front of the Horse and expect progress? How far can we go with HCD when our Educational Policy is in shambles?
How can we expect GOOD economy, good moral values when the people (teachers) who are supposed to imbibe these values into us, into our children, are left to suffer?

Take a look at what's happening on-campus, and even in secondary schools now, where lecturers/teachers have had to "help" students pass their exams; since one way or another they'll get some financial rewards to take care of financial needs that their insufficient and infrequent salaries can't handle.

The FUNDAMENTAL development of any society, the GROWTH of any Nation depends HEAVILY on what the teachers have been able to inculcate into children & youth of that Nation.

The Child Psychologist will inform you that by the time a child is 15 years, his/her mind has formed to an advanced stage.
If by this time, proper training, guidance, moral values are not rightly and timely imbibed in that child, then woe to that nation.

Teachers' welfare is an issue that SHOULD NOT be played with any longer!

In essence, we have to always put the growing children & generation unborn into cognizance when casting our votes; we have to elect such a person that will put "our future" as a nation into perspective.

For the past EIGHT odd years, we have seen what these crop of political looters have done to our beloved country, and have given NOTHING in return.

It's time for a drastic SHIFT from bogus promises.

Let's all VOTE for UTOMI.

He's the CHANGE!

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