Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

The comments have been very positive with respect to Pat UTOMI for President.

Of all the presidential candidates currently aspiring for this TOP SEAT, whc of them seem to hav the qualities of honestly being an administrator in a Local Govt Area?

At this stage, we shld look beyond whether UTOMI has what it takes to lead Nigeria or not, but to sincerely and honestly weigh the QUALITIES of all the current candidates in this race.

On your other issue:
Of what good will Utomi be as a Minister when he serves under a corrupt system?
Where is Okonojo-Iweala today after her input in this administration?

In essence, we should select people based on their Values, their Strengths, as well as their precedence.
Let's not allow sentiments to be-cloud us.

Nigerians have been known to be very 'understanding' with corrupt and direction-less leaders, but I don't think the patience is beginning to wear thin. {need I remind u of MEND in d Delta, or the Abuja Military-Pensioners blockade?}

That FUTURE your were referring to, my dear gentleman DonnyMikky, is NOW!
NOW is the TIME to stand up for a Change!

We CANT make another such mistakes in the likes of Alamesiya, Uzor Kalu, Fayose, Dariye, and a whole host of them.

I have a GUT feeling that UTOMI remains the Best Candidate thus far!

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