Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

Well, what can I say!
Someone indeed has a great passion again Utomi!

Paid? who? where?
I guess it's about time we quit the pay-for-vote method of Election.
Thus far, all the people who paid to get voted only paid themselves back by looting our country.

We so much want to copy the certain foreign countries in many things, why can't we emulate them and for once, even if this once, to elect an individual that has integrity.

There's no way u can expect something good to come out corrupt politicians. NEVER!. We will only get promises, but we might end up with another 8 years of nonsense rule.

Fellow Nigerians, for once, let us show allow our heads to decide for us, not our pockets.

I still strongly BELIEVE that UTOMI can get this job done.

NIGERIA, by beloved country, really needs a change!

A Paradigm change!

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