Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

Many people of our generation have come to realize that OLDER politicians can only serve as ADVISORY COUNCIL as Elder Statesmen and will be much more respected that way.
They have "tasted" power one way or another.

It is THAT TIME to have a change; to have a shift of expectations.

Let's VOTE IN a person that, for once has the GENUINE, HEART-FELT support of the people.

Someone that feels the people have decided to ELECT him on the basis that the people believe he has something to offer.
We have long gone past the time when politicians promise to "Mine WATER in the Deserts", "fire" Nigeria through NEPA, just to "confuse" the people to part with their vote.

The Question now is:
For those who don't feel that 'President' PAT UTOMI is the man for May 29, 2007;
Can they sincerely search their conscience and look themselves in the EYE and can convince themselves that any of other candidates can and will truly deliver any of their promises?

We all have to answer this same soul-searching question:
"Can the person I have chosen as my presidential candidate TRULY and POSITIVELY make a change for the better in NIGERIA?"

The Change is HERE!

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