Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

I hope you hav taken time to read through all d posts, comments and thread on this UTOMI the President topic, and well as other similar posts.
As of today, we have approx ELEVEN days to Presidential Election. I beleive something can still be done to enhance UTOMI's visibility.

For those of us who believe that UTOMI can deliver should all come out on that day to cast our voters, and wait while it's computed.
I keep saying it, we NIGERIANS are the only ones to ensure that there's no rigging, no touting, not even the police-riggers shld be allowed to mess up our votes.

We lost June12 bcx we were not ready to stand up for what we believe.
We lost 2003 for the same reason, bcx we were non-chalant.

Now, are we going to sit down and allow another 4 to 8 years of failed promises.
I daresay, let explain to our family, friends, acquaintances, partners on why UTOMI shld be OUR next president.

When we believe in something, we shld be able to make sacrifices for it.

OUR National cake will come to us INDIVIDUALLY when we get out there, tell our friends & family, VOTE and make sure the right person becomes d President, then THINGS will work well, and then we shall all enjoy this country!

I believe!
Do you?

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