Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Utomi For President In 2007

We've all done enough talking.
It's about time we done the walking.

Agreed, Pat may or maynot be the man.

What will it cost you if u cast your vote for him?
4 years, only! Of which I am certain he'll deliver more than we have had in a very longtime.

For years, we have been under military rule; then it got converted to these 8 years of Military-Democracy.

What has the gunvors, legislators, senators delivered these 8 ODD years?

Yet most of us are still willing to cast our votes to another set of PROMISFOS (translate to: Promise & Fail) politicians.

The ONLY solution is to give Prof PAT UTOMI yur vote.

May the candidate who has sincerity of purpose WIN!

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