Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Opinion polls & Rigging?

Conducting An Opinion Polls Will Stop Rigging?

Let the MEDIA conduct an OPINION POLLS fast!

I wonder why uptill now the Nigerian Media houses havent thought it PROPER to conduct a GENERAL OPINION POLLS in this country like it's done in other places?

This has lots of Advantages and it's also an avenue to allow the aspirants re-strastegize, if need be.

All these while, we have been hearing their campaigns, and what I've heard so far SUCKS!
No originality

The same LIGHT, WATER & ROAD issues; that will be left undone when they get into office, only to be used for next dispensation.

It also serves as an Opportunity for the people to show what they have in mind before the election proper, and in places where it's been done, it also helps to checkmate rigging to a large extent,

Someone once mentioned that the NIGERIAN MEDIA is VERY LAZY; and I'm beginning to agree that it's true!

Why can't the Media conduct a general polls on the situation of the Aspirants?

THE MEDIA. . . ?

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