Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Nigerian Press & the Election

It's a known fact that the Nigerian Press/Media Houses have left a lot to be desired; and that there's a need for drastic reforms by its key-players.

That the Nigerian Media/Press is in the "pocket" of politicians is also a known fact.

With a few weeks to this Historic Elections, the Press owe it to Nigerians to portray the TRUE personalities of all aspirants/candidates, with STRONG emphasis on the Presidential aspirants/candidates.

We also need objective and accurate feedback from polling centres on election days; can we rely on the Nigerian media houses to accomplish this?

Agreed, a few media houses have made remarkable inputs with objective coverage; but for some media houses to "praise" known corrupt politicians is going too far.

Among other things, the Nigeria Press/Media Houses will be a good avenue to educate the populace about the need to change our MORAL VALUES in Nigeria for better.

Since the Press do not seem to know what is expected of them, can we as Nairalanders, in our usual manner, LIST out the QUALITIES we DESIRE in an IDEAL MEDIA HOUSE.

Maybe, they'll take a CUE from us . . .

MAYBE. . .!

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