Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The new History Lectures of Naija . . .

History Class of Present Naija:

When I was taught Social Studies & History at Primary & Secondary school levels respectively, I often admired "OUR HEROES PAST. . ."

Let's picture this:
In the near future, our children are going to be taught very strange things in the Social Studies and History Classes about the 1999 - 2007 era.
- The guvnor that dressed as a WOMAN to escape the British police.

- The Godfather that SELECTED & RIGGED his candidate into office and later got booted from the Govt House.

- Public officers and politicans who loot money and dump in foreign countries.

- A police Inspector-General who looted so much funds BUT was jailed for less than 6 months.

- The police service that gets paid the lowest wages in the system.

- The House of Assembly members that meet in hidden Hotels outside their states to impeach guvnors, at past midnite.

- The Judicial system that encouraged MID-NITE Impeachments.

- The Legislators, who threw chairs, punches, etc during sessions.

- The Legislators, who voted millions of money for housing, car-loans, etc.

- The President and Vice-President who throw "yabs" like children struggling for mango.

- The Senator and his boss (pres) who cunningly and quietly supported 3rd term.

- Guvnors who do virtually nothings in their states (except for Looting) BOLDLY come out to campaign for Presidency without any conscience or shame.

- The Power sector that perpetually "HOLDs" Power in black out.

- NNPC/Refinery: A country so blessed with Crude Oil, imports finished products and cannot set up functional refineries.

- Groundnut, Cocoa, Coffee, Kola, Palm-oil, Cotton; etc that used to provide for us; and which still sustains many nations are long forgotten.

- The Fire service that either has no vehicle, no fuel, or NO WATER!

- The rail system that is rusty.

- The Road networks that are death-traps.

- The Highways that are single-laned.

- The Works & Housing Minister who dissolved millions of Naira without fixing the roads.

- The Terror of Bus drivers in Lagos and on the roads.

- The menace of Bikes/Okada in Naija.

- The Airline system that is "scary", turbulent and hopping.

- Airline operators that use "tokunboh" parts to repair Aircrafts.

- An Education system that is comatose.

- A university graduate that cannot compose a "neat" sentence; nor defend his/her degree.

- A university system where students use money (& other "things") to settle for scores, grades, etc.

- Overflowing prisons, whc most politicians failed to renovate, bcx many may end up as in-mates SOON.

- The LIST is endless . . .

This year, Nigerians are going to RE-WRITE the History of Nigeria.

We WILL NOT allow LOOTERS to RIG themselves into Leadership seats!

We have to use our Conscience as VOTING NIGERIANS who have realized that MOST PRESENT-DAY POLITICIANS are only willing to get "SELECTED or ELECTED" at all cost so as to FILL THEIR pockets and do nothing for OUR BELOVED COUNTRY - NAIJA!

And if I may ask:
Have u registered as a VOTER?!

We need your VOTE because it will count to make Naija (Nigeria) the place we want it to be!

We can’t tolerate any more political hoodlums/looters on seat.

There is a VOTER's registration point next to your house.

Get Registered Today!

We have to leave a LEGACY for our children, for the future!


DO YOU ? ? ?

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