Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Interview of a "President"

The person that cannot speak good english shld be going for private tutor if he wants to be presido, abi? Grin
IBB did it! Grin
Abacha did it! Cool
Obj has been in & out of various schls. . . Tongue
Even "Hatikuh" has improved on his english too! Shocked

So what are we talking about? He shld get some tutors, maybe National Open University; but I wont recommend "Toronto style" Wink

Let's all leave sentiments out of it; let's assess him based on WHAT has he done so far for 8 years he's been in Abia State.
He's already passing-the-buck with respect to cleaning Aba;
Every bad thing he's done that is being brought up, he blames EFCC and Obj; soon "Immunity clause" will expire abi? Huh
My MAIN point of concern for him is that since him & his other guv'nors failed to renovate our prisons while they are on seat . . . Grin

This dude just doesn't have what it takes; I've been wondering in whose name the "proposed" refinery will be in . . .
Probably we'll have "First Mama", like "First Lady". Huh

Happy week y'all!

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