Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Interview of a "President"

Call your friends who reside in Abia State and hear them speak about their Guv'nor, then you'll appreciate what these talk is all about.

Bottom-line, Uzor Kalu is not fit to be a President!
Whether he has good command of English language or not; is not the issue. Whether he is RICH before or after 8 years of guv'nance, is not the issue. The dude has not done anything worth commending, he HAS nothing to offer. He has given Abians nothing after 8 years and he wont do any for Nigeria. (new refineries? in whose name?)
Most other State guv'nors and politicians have same fault.

This is the reason WE SHLD SHINE OUR EYES and elect CREDIBLE people, not those who are used to throwing money around; bcx they'll only RE-FILL their pockets when they get in there; nor those promising to "fire", "water", "oil", and create ministries. We have gone BEYOND all that crap!

Above all, we need a LEADER, who for one MUST be an Intellectual (for a change Grin); able to portray a 'beautiful' IMAGE of Nigeria home and abroad; one who can rightly stand among the rank of world presidents and do us proud.

I have a candidate in mind! Do you?

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