Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Can We As Nigerian Citizens Stop Rigging?

My other question is:

Have we Nigerian woken up to the manipulations and tricks of these people?
Have we sat down and asked ourselves what these people have got to offer?

Does the Next man on the street know that "the Government" is actually HIS; that he has a RIGHT to SAY who shld be at the leadership, or who shouldn't.

YES, it's called EMPOWERMENT!

Casting BLAMES HAS never been a solution to any problem.

For now, the Media may provide a seemingly temporary solution; by playing their objective role, like it's being done in other places; by being the MOUTH-PIECE of the people.

The Media can empower the people with accurate, factual reasons that they have the POWER over these politicians and not the other way around.

Information, nay, PROPERLY PACKAGED PEOPLE ORIENTED INFORMATION is key for this empowerment!

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