Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Can We As Nigerian Citizens Stop Rigging?

How can we as Citizens STOP RIGGING?

We have about 150million NIGERIANS! Out of whc the Politicians & Political THUGS are not upto 2% of this vast population.

Can we rightly say that these little percentage can effectively BULLY the bulk of Nigerians through RIGGING this time around and get away with it?

Do you know that the international community, INEC, Observers, etc, cannot eradicate Electoral Rigging?

What can we do as Nigerians who have patiently left our homes, come out to cast our votes, do to make sure that the figures published are the actual figures?

Wont you be shocked when the collated figures exceeds the 60million of registered voters?

It's about time we took this RIGGING business heads-on!

Let's not leave it for "THEM".

It's our Future;
It's the future of our children;

It is upto US (you & I) to find a solution to RIGGING monsters, starting with this April 2007 elections.

What do you feel?

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