Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Can We As Nigerian Citizens Stop Rigging?

This is interesting:

I thot I shld post it here for us all to read & learn:


Read on:

"The sure way of reducing (or totally eliminating) rigging is for every eligible voters to go out and perform their civic responsibility by casting their vote on election day, and to wait around a little while for the votes to be counted, and recorded in the official INEC form.

"The little experience I gained in active politicking (I took part in Abacha transition uptill 1999), is that, you can only rig an election in the area you have your strongest support, or where you have a little edge over your opponent. Election is never rigged, and not possible to be rigged where you have little or no support.

"For example, in 1999 AD rigged the election all over South West for Falae (I witnessed where many individuals are voting more than ten times each - because that is the strongest base of AD), while the election was rigged for Oasanjo in the North (which was the strongest base of those that wants Obasanjo)."

Well, it sounds tough.

We really have a lot to do!

God Help us!

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