Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A corrupt Guv'nor...?

It's about time we told these people DIRECTLY in the face to GO AWAY!
Our moral standards here in Naija truly leave a lot to be desired!
Where looters openly and shameless claim to be victims, and still have the audacity to run for office.

What does MORALITY mean in the Nigerian context?

If the guv'nor is clean, why is his mother on d run? Why didnt she stay and clear her family's name?
I wish EFCC will go ahead prosecute her, and declare her a fugitive. So that she wont freely set foot in Nigeria, She and her son really messed up Abia State.

Infact, EFCC shld PLANT their men in every State in d Country from the 1st of May, 2007 to monitor all the currently IMMUNIZED guv'nors/politicians and GRAB them on or before midnite May 29th. And shld not let them vamose in d manner that Fayose did.

It's about time we placed our priorities right, or else OUR children and youth will grow up tomorrow thinking that "WRONG THINGS" are RIGHT!

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