Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buhari, and the Polls.

Educate the voters and empower the voting process.

Enlightening the populace is a very very effective way to stop all these mess.
Whoever coined that "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" was absolutely correct.

If I may make a correlation. . . Hasn't Condom sales increased in recent times? Bcx people can't (& WON'T) avoid SEX, hence they've resorted to "playing safe" with regards to HIV/AIDS.
This was made possible through ADEQUATE INFORMATION dissemination, and EDUCATING the populace.

On the aspect of the ELECTORATE, this same feat can be achieved, if those concerned go about it with dedication.

Nigerians aint DAFT, tell us why something is wrong, with adequate proof (and 'dramatization') and we'll definitely adjust our thinking.

Why do people now insist that hair-barber's shld sterilize their clippers?
Why do we insist that nurses shldnt use old needles?

Agreed people are hungry and a few hundreds of naira may make the next man give you his support; but there are those that will take your money and still NOT support you.

The bottomline is EDUCATE THE PEOPLE WITH ADEQUATE, ACCURATE INFORMATION; while other disqualification processes are being explored.

Our senators missed a huge chance to remedy a lot of mistakes in our constitution when they discarded every single amendment all in the name of 3rd term.
Our Senators: A case of throwing away the baby with the dirty bath-water.

Buhari, really has nothing to offer.
The lack of foresight, vision and wisdom that is stagnating our country today bascially began from his interference with the democratic process.
If he had foresight that this country was indeed BIGGER than him, he would have respected our Constitution, waited for a chance to resign from the military and come to contest as a Politician.
If this goes through, I wish it'll serve as a deterrent to all ex-military politicians & their apologists.

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